Twice monthly, I share tips with my dancers and their parents on everything from how to prepare for auditions to what to eat when snacking between classes. Here is a list of past newsletters you might want to take a look at. If you’d like to subscribe to receive my e-newsletter twice monthly, just sign up here at the bottom of the page where it says “Join my mailing list.”


Apr.27: Failure as Fuel and Teacher

Apr. 8: Transitions After Breaks

Mar. 25: Working for Yourself and Knowing Your Values

Feb. 17: Snack Attack

Feb. 4: To Dance or Not to Dance

Jan. 13: 2021 Arrives. Now What?



Dec 31: Happy Holiday reading!

Dec. 9: Fat Talk: Put it to Rest

Nov. 16: It’s Good to Practice Gratitude

Oct 20: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

Oct. 2: Auditions or College Applications? Time for Plan B Thinking.

Sept. 21: Calm Your Mind, Rest Your Body

Sept. 6: At Home Training This Fall

Aug. 22: Returning to the Studio: 4 dancers on what to expect

Aug. 8: New Routines Around Phones

July 22: Zoom Success Story: Ellison Ballet student

July 8: Summer Motivation: How to Build It

June 12: Racial Injustice: A Call to Action

May 16: Identity Crisis? You’re Not Alone.

May 1: Self-Advocacy: It’s Now or Never

Apr. 16: COVID-19 and Your New Perspective

Apr. 4: Motivation in Lockdown

Mar. 21: COVID-19 and You

Mar. 8: Summer Acceptances: You’re In, So Stop Stressing

Feb. 21: Pain and Communication

Jan. 10: Take Your Time Transitioning



Dec. 30: An End to Suffering

Nov. 22: How to Scale Back to Avoid Injury and Illness

Nov. 8: Online Schooling Tips from dancers

Oct. 22: What is Smart Work?

Sept. 27: My First Group Program Is Starting…

Sept. 15: PT isn’t only for when you’re hurt.

Aug. 29: Be Prepped for Fall: Quick Reads

Aug. 15: A video, an invitation, a sneak peek

July 30: Protein Snacks for Energy and Power

July 9: Sleep Aids: Increase Sleep with Routine and Products

June 20: Bravery over Perfection

June 7: Who Gets Coached by Me?

May 23: Success Story: ENB dancer wins Emerging Dancer Award

May 10: Energy Deficiency in Dancers

Apr. 11: Transition Story: From Classical to Commercial

Mar. 27: Self-Massage with Essential Oils Muscle Rub

Mar. 15: Bone Health and Bone Pain

Mar. 1: Second YAGP Interview is live!

Feb. 26: Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Feb. 14: How to Cross Train Effectively

Jan. 16: Prep Your Brain (or How I Blew my ABT Audition)

Jan. 1: Auditions, Auditions, Auditions. Oh my!



Dec. 19: Your Work Ethic: How it could hurt you

Dec. 5: Getting Unstuck About Your Future

Nov. 21: Gratitude: The Best Attitude

Nov. 8: How my YAGP interview gave me a hangover…

Oct. 29: My YAGP Ask the Expert Interview is Live!

Oct. 24: Yes, Dancers DO Eat.

Oct. 11: Snacking in the Studio: What and Why

Sept. 27: What’s in Your Kitchen Sink?

Sept. 13: Avoid Burnout: Mental & Physical

Aug. 29: Back to School, Injured

Aug 15: Summer Rest and Reads

July 31: Figure Out Your Food.

July 18: School -> Company, Part I 

July 3: Injuries and Pain: a short tutorial

June 14: Self-Advocacy Got Her a Contract

May 24: Mother’s Day Edition: “Dance Moms” and Dance Moms

May 9: Bullying and Body-Shaming: Time for Action

April 26: One Dancer’s Dream Realized: ENB

April 11: When You Don’t Get Asked Back

March 28: When Hard Work Isn’t Enough

March 16: Food No-No’s for Parents and Dancers

March 2: Audition/Competition Tune-up for Your Mind

February 15: When Teachers Play Favorites

Jan 18: Special Edition: I’m on a Podcast!

Jan 16: What Good is A New Year Anyway?



Dec 23: Happy Holidays and Self-Care

Nov 28: Do You Have Love-Hate Relationship with Dance?

Nov 13: The Fear Factor

Oct 27: When Dancers Go AWOL

Oct 16: Do You Sabotage Yourself?

Sept 28: Take Control of Your Social Media

Aug 22: Big Year? Be Prepared with a Plan and Support

Aug 3: Big Fish, Small Fish: Motivation

July 10: Pain & Injury: Summer Intensives

June 29: Summer Intensive Stumbling Blocks

June 12: Private Lessons: Yea or Nay?

May 24: Why Do We Dwell on Bad Feedback?

May 9: Let’s Hear it for the Moms!

April 25: Getting Unstuck (the A-Ha Moment)

April 12: Success Story/Social Media Dangers

March 8: Quit or Change Schools?

Feb 20: President’s Day in Brooklyn

Feb 7: La La Land: Non-Dancers Dancing

Jan 24: Auditioning? Seek Extra Support

Jan 10: Time-Sensitive Offer PLUS A Secret to Success



Dec 13: Think like Michael Phelps

Nov 15: Audition Prep: No, It’s Not Too Early

Nov 1: The Suffering Artist: Myth or Reality?

Oct 17: Welcome Back and Pre-Performance Panic