Welcome to my first Group Coaching Program! 

If you already know you want this and just need to check out logistics and payment, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Who is coaching for? 

The dancers I coach are serious about their dancing and taking it to the next level. They understand that their success depends on mastering not just dance technique, but also mastering their mindset and self care. Dancers who coach with me address aspects of their health and wellbeing that aren’t included in traditional training – the behind-the-scenes “stuff” you need to be successful that you can’t get from your dance school.

All of my programs cover my Seven Wellness Principles

  • Nutrition: Teaching your dancer the basic nutritional tenets, how to avoid distorted eating patterns so common in dancers, how to prepare meals and healthy   snacks, and how to make room for fun foods
  • Body Image: Coaching your dancer on developing a healthy, peaceful relationship with her body and preventing disordered eating
  • Mental Fitness: How to manage negative self-talk, build confidence, cope with and overcome             setbacks and obstacles, and develop coping skills for dealing with competition
  • Performance Preparation:  How to overcome nerves, plan for errors, and build courage
  • Injury Prevention and Pain Management:  Strengthen your dancer’s voice and ability to ask for help, build courage around “negative” communications, learn to read body’s signals, weigh costs of silence, and develop perspective on pain
  • Academics:  Finding balance between academics and dance, decide between online or bricks-            and-mortar schooling, balance academics with dance ambition
  • Future Success:  Discussing her future: college? Conservatory? Dance then college? Your dancer will have options! We’ll talk about them.

Why a Group Program?

I’ve been itching to put together a group program for the dancers I talk to who are keen to be coached, but aren’t quite ready for a one-on-one program for any number of reasons. 

Private coaching can be the perfect solution when you are ready to be in the spotlight: ready to set aside time in your daily schedule to work on things and then to be held accountable at the end of the week by your coach (me). For some dancers, that is the missing piece to their success: once they start the cycle of goal-setting and accountability, they are off!

For other dancers though, the idea of having to carry the call or being held accountable every week is too much. Instead, those dancers can benefit from *not* being in the spotlight, but being part of a group of dancers in similar situations. I know from giving big talks that dancers often feel isolated in their challenges – like they are the only ones struggling with self-talk or body image. For dancers who are too scared or worried to tell anyone about their weaknesses or fears, being part of a group means you’ll be supported. There is a lot of value in hearing other dancers share their stories and realizing you are not alone. 

Hence, the Group Program, which brings the serious, high-level coaching that I offer to my private clients to your dancer in a group setting at a much lower price point. 

How it Works


I will set up two 60-minute calls each month; there will be a phone number your dancer will call and, using an access code, she’ll be able to join the call.

Each call will follow the same format: 

  • I’ll start with an optional “check-in” with call attendees; I’ll ask who would like to share something new and good with the group and we’ll all listen. No one will be forced to share, so if we’ve got quiet dancers, we’ll move right along!
  • Next, I’ll share a short teaching from my Build a Better Dancer curriculum (see the Seven Wellness Principles above). Once your dancer enrolls in the program, I’ll be sending out a Wellness Assessment for her to complete. The answers will help guide my first few teachings so that I’m sharing topics that the group participants want to learn about. 
  • The next part of the call will be Discussion and Q&A. This is where call participants can ask for clarification around the teaching or ask how the teaching applies to their personal situation. 
  • Finally, we will end the call with Goal-Setting. Dancers will be called upon to set one to three S.M.A.R.T. goals to work on over the next two weeks. They can share their goals on the call or send them to me afterwards via text or email. 

The calls will be recorded and you and your dancer will receive an email with the link to the recording, so if she can’t make it, she can listen on her own time. 

Text Group

Your dancer will join a text message group where she can send questions, get support, or propose topics for our upcoming calls. I want our coaching calls to be impactful for everyone participating, so I’ll monitor the text group and be sure to build sessions around topics of interest in the group.


Dancers may choose to participate anonymously, that is, without sharing their last names, studio name, or location with the group. (I will need all of that information but will only use first names on the calls and in the text group.) If your dancer is concerned about anonymity, it’s available to her!

All calls will be considered confidential to the participants in the program and I’ll ask dancers to sign a pledge of confidentiality.  

Enrollment and costs

The Group Program is a fraction of the cost of private coaching, in order to make it accessible to more families. 

Total investment: $1650 for 6 months. 

There are two payment methods:

  • All up front: You may choose to make one payment at the start of the program for $1,650. Please click here for this option.
  • If you sign up before Halloween 2019, pay only $1500 for the program; that’s a savings of $150. Click here to save $150.
  • Monthly payment: You may prefer to make six monthly payments of $275. Please click here for this option.